• Articles Franchise conflict: why you should expect it

    Conflict can hurt your business. There are situations that are followed by conflict more often than others and being aware of them might lead to reduced conflict. Read on to find more about the issue.   

  • Articles AZ Franchising is organizing the Franchising Awards

    AZ Franchising is organizing the Franchising Awards, the prestigious prize that since 2001 awards the best franchises of the year.

  • Articles I Didn’t Choose My Business, My Business Chose Me

    What Kind of Business Do I start? The decision regarding the type of franchise you select may prove to be among the the most important in your life, especially if it involves considerable investment. It may turn out that you are choosing not merely a franchise but the kind of endeavor to keep you occupied for the rest of your days. What follows are questions that will help you decide which branch of business to go into?

  • Articles Franchising Market in Germany

    Franchising in Germany is still growing. Therefore the market is open for new systems.

  • Articles Franchise Opportunities: bar ownership PART 2

    Bar franchises give you the opportunity to open a bar with a tested know-how and an established brand. Here are some bar franchise opportunities that can make your dream of owning your own club come true. 

  • Articles Kiosk franchises you can open at a mall

    Mall kiosks are affordable, profitable, and can be run by one person. Gifts, Ice cream, coffee, iPhone cases, massage, pedicure - the business opportunities provided by a tiny kiosk are immense. Read on. 

  • Articles Could franchise ownership be the perfect fit for retirees?

    Retirement presents golden opportunities. Now is the time to do all those thing that you never really had the time or the guts to do but always wanted to. Why not take up a hobby? Why not make money out of it? Retirement gives you the freedom to follow your passion and turn it into a business.

  • Articles Part 2: US Franchisors in Europe

    The following survey and its results tend to represent a brief cross-industry snapshot of the American franchisors in the CEE area. The global expansion strategy and the desire of strong European presence are among the main reasons to enter the CEE markets. Europe still remains the most preferred market for the American franchisors.

  • Articles Hot new trends in food and beverages in 2014 - PART 1

    New York-based food and restaurant consulting company Baum and Whiteman made a projection of the top 12 trends in food and beverages in 2012. Read on to see what the hottest and hippest trends in 2014 would be. 

  • Articles Expand Your Franchise to Australia

    The Australian franchise industry is very well regulated via the Franchising Code of Conduct.  The industry is well represented by the Franchise Council of Australia, ensuring that the sector is highly regarded.