Advertising Package 2014

If you're looking to promote your franchise business to a target audience of prospective franchisees around the world, can offer you a highly cost effective solution, by providing you with a lead referral service that offers quality leads at an affordable price.


By advertising on FRANCHISOPEDIA you will:


Gain worldwide popularity

Profit by meeting prospective franchisees

 Expand your business to new territories

We will connect you to business brokers and franchising consultants all around the world.


Advertising on a 12 month term basis:

Banner in Top Franchises

Top position of your franchise presentation

Publishing of videos and articles about your franchise - prompt news and events - a total of 12 publications for the year (~1 per month)

Direct contact details - phone, email, website and you will receive all requests made to FRANCHISOPEDIA.COM for the purchase of your franchise

More extensive presentation of your franchise including photos, graphics, videos, which could influence the franchisees’ decisions


Advertise on FRANCHISOPEDIA.COM for USD $1,500 per year!


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*All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Download the Advertising Package is a global franchise media and agency specializing in reporting events and presenting participants on the global franchise market. The media is an invaluable source of information to all potential franchisees, providing the most targeted access to them. Visitors could make a decision to buy a franchise based on published advice for starting a business and on the online website catalogue.