Business consultations

Christophe Angleys from Franchise Expo Paris

Would you please introduce yourself?

CA: I am Christophe Angleys from Franchise Expo Paris, the franchise show in Paris belonging to the French Franchise Association.

How did you find about our Expo?

CA: Well, I was contacted by you, and then also by the French Embassy. And the French Embassy through its UB France structure has now a stand here to promote our Franchise Expo Paris show and to identify new entrepreneurs in Bulgaria able to develop a new brand in the Balkan countries. Especially in Bulgaria and may be other countries.

What are your impressions from this exhibition?

CA: Well, it’s the first time I am here and it is a very great way to discover the Bulgarian market. As far as I know it is the second edition and you have already doubled the number of exhibitors, you are progressing in terms of visitors, so I am very glad to arrive in such a dynamic show. I recognize a lot of international brands, such as Subway, ERA - brands that we know in our show in Paris too. It is now interesting for me to discover the market and the new Bulgarian franchise concepts even if they are not ready yet to go in France.

Have you met some of the Bulgarian franchisors already?

CA: Oh, yes, I have been able to talk with most of them during the event, the conferences and the evening cocktail that you have organized. Everything is so well organized that it is a very great way for me to meet all these players on the franchise market.

And would you like to come back, but this time as a partner, not only as a visitor?

CA: Of course, I would like to come back! And I expect you to come to Paris, too, so that we can reinforce the partnership, the links between franchising in Bulgaria and franchising in France, the way we can attract some Bulgarian entrepreneurs in France because there are a lot of French brands looking for a development in Bulgaria, and the way we can help Bulgarian brands penetrate other European markets.

Great, thank you!

CA: You are welcome, thank you again!

I hope we will have future cooperation and partnership!