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    Author: David Holland
    David Holland from ActionCOACH

    We are the world’s number one business coaching firm. We are in 32 countries worldwide and there are 1000 coaches. Typically, what our coaches do is they work with business owners of small and medium sized companies from one or two employees to 20 or 30 employees helping the business owner to get better results: could be make more money, work less time, build the business, and sell the business or whatever they choose to do ...

  • Business consultations
    Author: Rolf Kirst
    How to Expand a Franchise System Abroad

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! I hope you all speak English but I’ve heard you have an interpreter. If you don’t understand me I will try to speak slowly because I am not a native speaker in English. I am from Germany and I represent the German Franchise Association and a company called Franchise Pool International. The topic today from my side is the same topic but for different people. On one side people who are interested in franchisin ...

  • Business consultations Christophe Angleys from Franchise Expo Paris

    Would you please introduce yourself?
    I am Christophe Angleys from Franchise Expo Paris, the franchise show in Paris belonging to the French Franchise Association.
    How did you find about our Expo?
    CA: Well, I was contacted by you, and then also by the French Embassy. And the French Embassy through ....