Create Franchise

If you have a successful business then Franchisopedia can offer you help in turning it into a franchising product. Our consultants will develop together with you the marketing, legal and organizational details. Then we will also help you with advertising and selling your new franchise.

Upon creating a new franchise you need to provide the franchisees with an Operations manual – a detailed description of the procedures you follow in your business. It is very important to describe even the smallest detail, e.g.: what does the waiter say after they take an order; in which folder warranty cards are kept; within what parameters the franchisee can set discounts, etc.

The franchisee buys your know-how so you should advise them on what location to choose for their trading outlet, what should the equipment and furnishing be, where should they buy the necessary products, how to select and train employees etc.

Franchisopedia will help you with preparing the whole franchise package, setting the initial franchising fee, the monthly royalties and advertising fees.

Our consultants can prepare your Franchise Agreement, select the appropriate candidates and help you with the control of your franchise system.