• Franchising Advices International Franchising – Business and Legal Issues

    Franchises are widespread in today’s society.  Consumers do business daily with a broad range  of  franchised  brands  -  buying  fast-food,  coffee,  gas  and  real  estate,  hiring  cleaning services, booking vacations and having their taxes prepared. However, the popularity of franchising as a way of doing business is a relatively recent phenomenon.

  • Franchising Advices Find Out Which Franchise Is Best For You

    With an increasing number of statistics and personal examples claiming the decision to pick a franchise is the right way to step into entrepreneurship, the question before many people is which franchise exactly is the most appropriate for them.

  • Franchising Advices Tony Fitzpatrick’s Lecture About Franchising

    Good morning everybody and thank you for coming. I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite subjects which is franchising. Franchising, there are a lot of aspects to it but the only aspect I will have time to really discuss this morning is the subject of how to franchise your business. Does anybody here have a successful business ...

  • Franchising Advices Keys To Franchise Success by Konstantinos Sarris-Tzamtzis

    My company is FC&D. This is an acronym of Franchise Consultancy and Development. It is one of the oldest firms specialized in consultancy and development in franchise and licensing in Hellas, the Balkans, Cyprus and South-East Europe.

  • Franchising Advices Ivo Crisostomo

    I was invited to talk about how to better sell your business and for much more money. These are the topics I want to approach in my presentation. There are a lot of them but I will try to be quick. I will make a quick presentation for you to know where ....