Franchises as a tool to fight veteran unemployment

In 1991, the International Franchise Association (IFA) launched the Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (VetFran), a program focused on returning war veterans and their transition into the civilian world. Since then the franchise industry has committed fully to support war veterans and provide them incentives to become part of the franchise industry, either as employees or as business owners.

 The skills veterans acquire during military service are a perfect fit for the franchise concept.

The skills veterans acquire during military service are a perfect fit for the franchise concept.

 Statistics show that veteran unemployment is incredibly high. The rate for veterans who have served after 9/11 is some 10% which is higher than the unemployment rate for non-veterans. Veterans franchise programs help fight these statistics.

Employers oftend thing that since militaries spend years of training and service, they do not have applicable expertise suitable for the civilian world. This is an often misconception since the skills veterans learn in the military are the ones employers look for. The result is skillful men and women who can hardly find a job in the business world because employers think the skills they have are not suitable for the job position they are applying for.

Franchises are attractive to veterans who don’t necessarily have entrepreneurial skills. The franchise concept provides them know-how, ongoing support, and an established brand to increase their chances of success. On top of that, franchisors provide great financial incentives to veterans including initial franchise fee waivers, royalty fee discounts and exclusive business offers. Fees can vary for different franchisors but discounts usually range in between 10%-100%.

War veterans are considered to be the perfect fit for the franchise concept since the traits that are associated with a successful military career are also applicable to franchise ownership. Among these are discipline and leadership skills, as well as the ability to be a team player and follow an established program.

Veteran franchise programs have had enormous success. In 2011, IFA, in partnership with the White House, launched an initiative to involve some 80,000 veterans in the franchise industry by the end of 2014. Just two years later, they managed to almost double that number at no effort.

“151,557 veterans and military spouses have entered franchising since 2011, including 5,192 as franchise business owners,“ Steve Caldeira, IFA’s executive director said in a statement.

Veteran programs are beneficial not just or veterans but for franchisors as well. As we said, veterans are disciplined and determined and do not need pushing along the way to success. Franchisors find them to be the perfect choice for following the company’s rules to building a successful business.

The companies that have veteran franchise programs are from various industries and sizes. From senior care, to pet walking, to running a fast-food restaurant, the business options franchised companies provide are endless. If they don’t already have a veterans’ franchising program, most companies are developing one.

Some of the most popular companies that feature a veterans’ franchise program include Dunkin’ Donuts, UPS, Matco Tools, Sport Clips, and Cruise One.

There is a single company that provides franchising services exclusively to war veterans. J Dog Junk Removal is a home-based franchise-owned full-service junk removal brand. The company was founded by veterans and is fully dedicated to providing franchise opportunities to veterans. Franchisees sort, recycle, and remove residential and commercial garbage from houses, warehouses, and garages. J Dog Junk Removal has a relatively low initial franchise fee of $15,000 and designated protected territory. The total investment for the company, which was founded in 2011, ranges between $44,700 and $72,750. This is a business that could be run from home and has a flexible work time that franchisees can choose. 

Franchises are the best choice that veterans who want to own their future have.