Helpful tips to successfully separate business from personal life

No matter what you do for a living, becoming more productive requires giving it your full attention and putting in the best you have. For someone who operates a small business and devotes most of their time to work, separating business from personal life can be a challenge. To help you in your everyday activities, we give you some tips to help you overcome these challenges and reaching your full potential.



Get an office: First of all, let’s start by saying you need to have a quiet place where you can work. Working in an office has its advantages, but many franchisees, especially those who run a one-man business, work from home. This, however, does not mean they do not have a home office designated entirely for work. If you don’t have a room you can turn into an office and all you need to do your job is an internet connection, a corner where you can put a work desk and a laptop can do the work.

Set work hours: Whether you work from home or in an office, create a work schedule and stick to it.  Take a one-hour scheduled lunch break and two shorter breaks if necessary. By doing so you can concentrate on what you are doing at the moment and focus on working during work hours instead of wasting time doing home chores or browsing the Internet.

Separate contacts: If having personal and business contacts mixed bothers you, separating them is easy. Create an email account for business contacts only. Having a separate phone number for business partners also helps if you don’t want to answer your phone in non-working hours. Make a rule to answer your business phone during work hours only and to check your personal email at lunch breaks. This will make your work quicker and more efficient.

C Distinguish yourself from your business on the Internet by making a new account in social media like Facebook and Twitter where to add business-related contacts only and to publish relative to your work posts and tweets.  Using separate accounts for business and for personal uses makes you recognizable as a professional.

Use technology: You can take it one step further and use technology at your advantage. Create a separate computer account for work where your access to certain applications and programs that could take your attention away from working is limited. Also try online schedules and calendars to help you manage your time and be more efficient.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’: When it comes to people, it could become hard to keep personal relationships away from your business. Beware of friends and acquaintances that ask you to do them favors related to your business free of charge. This is especially valid for businesses that provide services. Do not feel hesitant to say ‘no’ no matter how close you feel to them or otherwise their number will grow. Doing your friend’s taxes for free may seem like a small think to do, but if you don’t stand your ground soon enough more people will come to you and if you don’t learn the word ‘no’ you might find yourself out of business.

Keep family issues for the home: Separating personal from business activities can be even a greater challenge if you a running a family business. Family franchises are usually small and run by the family members alone and emotions could easily become a key motivator. Bringing business issues to your home and vice versa can be a threat to both the success of your business and that of your personal lie. Together with the rest of the family members involved set boundaries to prevent a future problem.

Think about finances: Last but definitely not least, think about finances. Top franchises usually require low starting capital and provide a tested know-how but they still hide risks. Separate business bank accounts from personal ones before you start and keep account of all business expenses.