Australia's Salty Rooster is in search of the right candidates-interview with CEO Jim Sagiotis

Salty Rooster, an Australia-based company, is one of the most promising fast food franchises in the country. The first Salty Rooster store was founded in Narrabeen in 2005 and offered the freshest and finest burgers in the area. Three years later, the second Salty Rooster store opened in Manly. The food was so good, clients soon demanded to share the taste with the rest of Australia. Salty Rooster was even endorsed by the Manly Rugby League team as its preferred fast food option. 

Read on to find what Salty Rooster's founder and CEO Jim Sagiotis shared with

Jimmy Sagiotis, founder and CEO of Salty Rooster

Jimmy Sagiotis, founder and CEO of Salty Rooster

What was your previous occupation and how did you start working in the franchising business?

From the very beginning I have both volunteered and been employed in the food industry. As my career evolved so did my ambitions, prompting me to start my own business and work to building a respectable brand.

How's your franchise doing?
My franchise is performing extremely well and have experienced double digit growth in the last two years. I am primarily focused at present in rolling out new stores to the right candidates whilst still managing our existing businesses.

Why potential franchisees choose you over other opportunities in the industry? 
We are:
Quality driven!
Continually rated as one of the best burger spots! 
Competitively priced for premium burgers!
Still in the infancy of a growing brand!
Better than the rest!

How do you choose and approve franchisees? 
Through rigorous screening. Essential to the success of this business is the willingness of the franchisee to work within the business rather than be an absentee investor. We seek and approve persons who commit to such requirements.

Which is the most successful way to attract franchisees abroad (exhibitions, advertising, business consultants, etc.) and why?
Re-investing a large proportion of profits back into marketing and promotional activities help promote and continue to reinforce brand awareness locally. A similar method is adopted abroad with the addition of granting potential franchisees the opportunity to experience our business in full operation in Australia. An extensive training program has been developed to ensure potential candidates receive up to date training and mentoring.

What is the biggest challenge that a franchise manager faces?
For a successful brand, managing its growth whereby the right people are employed to do the right job.

What is the most important quality that a franchisee has to possess in order to develop a successful business?
A strong belief in the product and brand + the drive to continually exceed expectations.

Jim Sagiotis, founder of Salty Rooster, began his career in hospitality at the tender age of 15.After years of working for others, Sagiotis decided to start a business of his own. The result was the first of many to come Salty Rooster stores.