Hot new trends in food and beverages in 2014 - PART 2


7. …when butter is not enough- Restaurants are becoming more and more creative when it comes to preparing spreads and dips. You, too, need to update your recipe book for your business’sake. Try adding new flavors and exotic combinations to spice up your relationship with customers. Anything different from butter or salsa will do the trick. Plus, clients will order more drink if they are tempted by an appetizer from the menu.

8. Green is in- Green as in heavy on greens and grains. People find a need to turn to healthier, fresher food, whether it is they need to take care of their health or weight, or they just want to cut down on junk food.  According to the report, a niche market rolls into the mainstream and it bring lots of money with it. Healthy food businesses are growing at an in… rate as vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo food is becoming a regular diet for many. Healthy does not necessarily mean vegan or gluten-free. Healthy food could actually be prepared with ingredients that are good for your body and taste great at the same time. Both fast-food chains and high-end restaurants are adding healthy options on to their offerings.

9. Single-item restaurants- Weekend popup markets and single-item restaurants are becoming quite popular in some areas. They serve traditional or variations of traditional meals from various nations, as well as transform well-known foods into new dishes. The Ramen burger is a great example of such a product. It started as a bizarre creation that was soon widely spread on the menus of international food chains.

10. DASDASJD- As 4D cinemas further enhances viewing experience, restaurants also have their tricks for adding an additional feeling to dining. Some restaurants have gone one step further and actually control and shift clients’ moods with each course by using various stimuli, playing with our senses. Some places have set up special rooms to experiment with modifying perceptions. While some restaurants create a sensory feast by projecting images on dishes and creating a mini opera experience, others serve food in total silence or darkness to stimulate the remaining senses.

11. A hint of Asian flavors- Almost all restaurant chains have Sriracha sauce and soy sauce to add to pizzas, burgers, and even tacos. They also use various recipes for appetizers, dishes and desserts from different parts of Korea, Japan, Vietnam or China. Some stick to traditional recipes while others introduce more multi-cultural variations.

Shakshuka is a delicious meal from the Middle Easst made with veggitables and eggs.

Shakshuka is a delicious meal from the Middle Easst made with veggitables and eggs.

12. A look to the Middle East- Apparently, cross-cultural cuisine is going to be the new thing in 2014. The west is absorbing ideas and techniques from the east, according to the report of Baum and Whiteman. Restaurants use exotic spices and recipes to add up a taste of the Middle East to their menus. the cuisines of Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Syria, Iran and Iraq generate a great interest from Western people who are in love with falafels, hummus and tahini. The report suggests that dishes like the Shakshouka, eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers and onions and often spiced with cumin, is going to be a big hit if restaurant owners add it to their items on the menu.