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Great Clips


Initial fee: $20,000
Royalty fee: 6%
Total investment: $108,350 - $205,800
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Hair salon

Are you the risk-averse type of guy? You want to put minimal investment in a promising business that will earn you good profit, but you want to keep your job “just in case” things do not work out well for you? Do not worry, there is such a business opportunity. Great Clips, the largest hair salon brand, is perfect for your ‘type’. The best news is, you done have to know how to make a French twist to own a hair salon.   


There are more than 3,000 Great Clips salons in Canada and the USA and all of them are franchises. On average, a franchisee owns five salons only five years after they have joined the company. One reason for this is that the return on investment is high. Another reason is that absentee ownership is allowed and franchisees can employ a manager to run the salon while they focus on developing more Great Clip units or on other business opportunities. 


The company has been franchising since 1983 and has a proven business model and comprehensive franchisee support system. Training centers are present in each major area where the company has representatives. Specialists are available for consultations at any time and any matter including marketing decisions, choice and design of sites, financing. The company provides specialized software that alleviates administrative work as well as a special recruiting system that helps them find new employees.


You do not really have to worry about anything. Great Clips is there to do the worrying for you. Better yet, the initial investment is low compared to other franchise opportunities. The well-recognizes brand name is just a great bonus you get for joining Great Clips.


Does that sound like something you, the risk-averse type, would do. There you go; you have found your choice of business. 


Great Clips is the largest hair salon brand. It offers great opportunities for franchisees in USA and Canada. There are more than 3,000 Great Clip hair salons. The franchise system of the company is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a business with minimal risk and steady growth with low investment.

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