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Batteries Plus


Initial fee: $37,500
Royalty fee: 5% + 1% Advertising fee
Total investment: $189,100 - $379,500
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Batteries, light bulbs & related products

Batteries Plus was the first company to answer to customers’ demand for replacement batteries. It sells batteries for all types of electronics including cell phones, laptops, watches, cameras. National and private brands can be found in Batteries Plus stores. Batteries Plus is a retailer but a tech center also provides repair services for both desk and portable products.  


Batteries Plus was founded in 1988. The company started franchising in 1992. Today, nearly all of the Batteries Plus stores are owned and operated by franchisees. There are 517 stores mainly located in the USA. Just five years ago, the stores in the USA were 300 and today the reach 500. More than 60% of all franchisees own more than one battery store.


The company offers comprehensive training and support to all franchisees who join Batteries Plus. New franchise owners start with a three-week training at the company’s headquarters where they learn everything they need to know to start their own Batteries Plus business. Their trainings continue online and at regional meetings organized by the franchisor. Professionals do periodic store visits to regulate operations and help owners when they need additional assistance.


Teams of professionals provide ongoing support to all franchisees whenever they need it. Entrepreneurs receive assistance pre-opening as well as with the grand opening. They are also assisted with sales, field operations, marketing, purchasing and safety procedures. Franchisees receive regular newsletters and attend meetings where they meet other Batteries Plus store owners and stay up-to-date with the latest innovations.       


Batteries Plus offers a tested business model in a promising industry. Franchisees own their business and benefit from the experience and knowledge of Batteries Plus. They have a much greater possibility to develop a successful business than private entrepreneurs who do not have the brand and support of Batteries Plus.   


Batteries Plus has stores throughout the USA. It sells batteries for all types of technologies from phones, to laptops, to watches. Batteries Plus also designs and repairs batteries and battery systems. There are 517 stores throughout the USA, most of which are owned and operated by franchisees.

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