Starting a franchising business you acquire a developed business model and you work on your own account but under the trade name of the franchisor. In exchange, you pay an initial franchising fee and monthly royalty payments that in most cases are a percentage of your monthly turnover.

The International Franchise Association’s research shows that 82% of the entrepreneurs who have started their business by buying a franchise are still on the market after their 5th year of operation. Only 20% of the independent new companies enjoy the same success. Presently, 40% of all retail sales in the USA are in franchise stores. The forecast is that in 2035 over 50% of all products and services in the world will be offered through franchising.


Here you can find which franchise is the most appropriate for you depending on your investment abilities, age, psychographics and experience. You will also find out which Master franchises are interested in your country. Please fill in the contact form, email it to and Franchisopedia will direct you and advise you on your choice, free of charge.

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