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  • Articles Franchising in Kenya

    The franchising market in Kenya is steadily growing and evolving from single-unit owners to multi-unit operators employing professional staff of field and unit managers, while they focus on strategy and growth.

  • Articles The beauty of franchise ownership

    The word ' franchise ' comes from the old French word ' franc ' which means free. Franchises are a great bargain for both franchisees and franchisors. Find the benefits of franchise ownership in this article. 

  • Articles Franchise Expo Paris 2015 -...

    Franchise Expo Paris is back in March 2015 with new fresh business ideas. The visitors will be able to meet with over 500 exhibitors, representing 90 sectors and get to know more than 110 new and innovative concepts....

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Dunkin’ Donuts America runs on Dunkin

Operating in 10, 479 locations in the US and 30 other countries, Dunkin’ Donuts serve more than 3 million customer every day. It is the biggest and most famous coffee and donut chain in the world. Join the family of Dunkin’ Donuts, the company which changed the spelling of the word donut.