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  • Articles Franchise Expo Paris 2015 -...

    Franchise Expo Paris is back in March 2015 with new fresh business ideas. The visitors will be able to meet with over 500 exhibitors, representing 90 sectors and get to know more than 110 new and innovative concepts....

  • Articles Franchise conflict: why you...

    Conflict can hurt your business. There are situations that are followed by conflict more often than others and being aware of them might lead to reduced conflict. Read on to find more about the issue.   

  • Articles AZ Franchising is organizing the...

    AZ Franchising is organizing the Franchising Awards, the prestigious prize that since 2001 awards the best franchises of the year.

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Yogen Fruz offers its customers healthy and nutritious frozen desserts – everything needed for healthy and active living. The company is a global leader in the frozen yoghurt production with over 3000 shops operating in more than 28 countries worldwide.