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Vanguard Cleaning Systems


Initial fee: $8,550 - $35,700
Royalty fee: 10%
Total investment: $9,850 - $39,400
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Commercial cleaning

Vanguard is one of the leading commercial cleaning franchises in North America. It provides cleaning services in 2,500 locations across the US and Canada. The company has been franchising since its foundation in 1984 and only manages three units; the rest are owned and operated by franchisees.


The company provides two franchise options; it offers master franchises as well as single-unit janitorial franchises.


Janitorial franchisees have the opportunity to own and operate an independent business of their own. They are expected to provide cleaning services to local businesses. Franchisees do not need to look for clients themselves since the company is responsible for delivering commercial customers. Entrepreneurs can start working part-time and later develop their businesses or keep their current jobs.


The company provides the necessary training and support that new entrepreneurs need to start a franchise. Initial trainings as well as ongoing trainings on business operations and development are among the support methods the company uses. Franchisees can access customer service assistance and managerial guidance at any time.  Innovative equipment is available for purchase from the company. 


Master franchises are more complex than janitorial franchises. Entrepreneurs need to have managerial experience to apply for maser franchise. Master franchisees act as regional franchisors. They are given franchise rights for a given area and their primary objectives are to find potential customers and potential janitorial franchisees. They are the ones who provide training and managerial support to janitorial franchisees. Vanguard offers comprehensive trainings for master franchisees.


The commercial cleaning industry is fragmented and private business owners find it hard to stay in the business. Joining Vanguard is a smart business decision whether your objectives are to run a business on your own or to develop a chain of franchises.


Vanguard is a leading force in the commercial cleaning industry. It has been in the business since 1984 and has 2,500 locations in North America. The company offers both master and single-unit franchises. The company provides comprehensive training and support to franchisees.

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