4 franchise opportunities for the pet lover

It is not a secret that people spend crazy money on their pets. Statistics show that owners really care about theirs furry little friends and spend an increasing amount of money on them each year. From food, to grooming, to toys and costumes, pets have it all.

The pet care industry is rapidly expanding and so are opportunities.

Owners of all kinds of pets spend an increasing amount on their companions each year. In the USA alone, the pet care industry in 2013 amounts to an estimated $55 billion.

Owners of all kinds of pets spend an increasing amount on their companions each year. In the USA alone, the pet care industry in 2013 amounts to an estimated $55 billion.

In 2013 the pet industry in the USA amounts to an estimated $55.5 billion according to the American Pet Products Association. Americans spend most on food ($21.26 billion), followed by vet care ($14.21 billion), Supplies/OTC Medicine ($13.21 billion) and pet services, including grooming and boarding ($4.54 billion).

For comparison, in 1997 the market in the USA was some $17 billion. In less than 20 years, the total amount Americans spend on their pets increased more than 226%.

If you are an animal lover, and enjoy working with peple, owning a pet-related business would be a fun and profitable initiative. If you haven’t decided on a specific franchise business, here are some of the most interesting pet-related international franchises.

Aussie Pet Mobile: Aussie Pet Mobile is a mobile pet grooming franchise business. Franchisees provide full service pet grooming to customers and their dogs and cats at their location. The eco-friendly vans are designed with solar panels and do not rely to outside electrical or water hookups. The Aussie Pet Mobile concept is preferred by every pet since it is gentle and cage-free. The company was founded in Australia in 1996 and moved its headquarters in the US a few years later. It has over 70 franchise partners in the USA and 9 more international. The total investment for a Aussie Pet Mobile franchise range between $130 K and $150 K. The company des not allow absentee franchise ownership.

Wag N’ Wash: Wag N’ Wash is the ultimate health center. It offers retail sale of natural pet accessories, toys and supplies, as well as treats from the Wag N’ Wash in-house bakery. Clients can benefit for the professional grooming services the center offers or the self-service dog wash if their pets do not trust just anyone. Wag N’ Wash is a fun place for pets and owners alike. Absentee ownership of franchisees is not allowed. The company opened its first pet health center in 1996 but did not start to franchise until 2006. The initial franchise investment is $425,250 - $647,545 and includes everything entrepreneurs need to start a successful pet-dedicated business and run it for the first six months. Wag N’ Wash reports an average unit volume of all its locations of over $1.0 million.

Pet Depot: Pet Depot is a chain of retail supply stores for all kinds of pets. It currently has units in the USA, Canada and soon in Mexico. The company offers franchise opportunities to individuals as well as to area developers. All Pet Depot stores are unique and custom-designed and can cover an area between 2,500 sq. feet and 6,000 sq. feet. The cost of a Pet Depot unit varies depending on the size and the franchise concept, but it ranges somewhere between $265,550 and $561,400. That includes a franchise fee of $35,000, a monthly royalty fee of 5% of gross sales, and another 2% fee for advertising.

Fetch! Pet Care: Fetch! Pet Care provides private and group pet-sitting and dog-walking services. It currently has over 130 franchise-owned units throughout the USA. This is a low-cost franchise with a total investment of $30,895 - $44,500 which could be run by a single person. Franchisees pay an initial franchise fee of $15,000 and an ongoing monthly royalty fee of 6% of gross sales. The company provides ongoing support, technology and an established brand. Franchisees can start a Fetch! Pet Care business just 9 weeks after they fill in an application. Franchisees are fully committed to their business. They receive territorial protection of approximately 50,000 targeted households and can start with a single or double territory.