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Novus Glass


Initial fee: $10,000
Royalty fee: 8%
Total investment: $40,775 - $222,000
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Auto glass repair & replacement

Novus is in the business with automotive glass repair and replacement. It is a pioneer in research and development of new innovative methods for glass repair. The company was founded in 1972 and started franchising in 1985. Today, there are nearly 2,000 repair salons in 42 countries worldwide.


Starting your own auto glass repair with Novus is easy. It only takes one person for the franchise system to work. Start-up investment is not high for the industry; there is a franchise fee of $10,000 and a monthly royalty fee of 8%. Novus provides in-house financing for start-up expenses. Franchisees can start a small business or add up to their existing business. By joining Novus, entrepreneurs have competitive advantage with the Novus brand; they can completely cut on research and development; and they make use of the company’s experience of 40 years in the business.


Franchisees receive a proven business model and brand credibility. Novus provides the highest-quality services in the auto glass repair industry. Ongoing trainings and comprehensive support provide franchisees with the knowledge and expertise to operate a successful business. Franchisees receive assistance from the company as well from peer franchisees through an intranet communications network. Help is an email or a click away.


Franchisees receive regular newsletters, attend webinars, and have access to a 24/7 call center. In addition, they can refer to the operations manual where they can find any information. 


Novus provides absolute marketing and advertising support. Marketing programs are designed to increase sales and to educate consumers on auto glass repair. Thanks to advertising programs Novus’ brand awareness rate is the highest in the industry.   


Approximately 20% of all franchisees own more than one Novus office.


Novus is a company that provides automotive glass repair and replacement services. The company has nearly 2,000 offices in 42 countries. Novus is one of the leading businesses in the auto glass repair industry. Approximately 25 million satisfied customers worldwide prefer the services of the company.

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