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Miracle Ear Inc.


Initial fee: $30,000 - $100,000
Royalty fee: $48.80/aid
Total investment: $122,500 - $450,000
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: Hearing instruments

Did you know that 37% of children with only minimal hearing loss fail at least one grade? People from all ages suffer from hearing disorders that significantly change the quality of their lives. Hearing-aid devices are a small help but they break big barriers.


Miracle Ear is the company for hearing aid with the strongest presence in the US. Miracle Ear’s products use the latest innovations to bring value to consumers’ lives. The company provides free hearing tests and consultations and offers three-year warranty programs and hearing screenings with the purchase of Miracle Ear’s products.


The company is seeking motivated entrepreneurs with business background to join the Miracle Ear family. It has more than 1,350 units in the USA. Most of them are operated by franchisees. In fact, the number of company-owned units has decreased significantly in the last years. As of now, only six of the offices are not franchises. 


Miracle Ear offers a pack of support tools to franchisees. It includes ongoing trainings and introduction to the latest advances in the industry. Franchisees have the opportunity to be recognized as part of the leading brand in the hearing industry. Entrepreneurs have access to financial aid provided by associates of the company as well as the company itself.


The company started in 1948 when an aviator from WWII’s idea for pillow radio for hospital patients got rejected. Instead, the concept became the basis for the creation of a hearing device. Miracle Ear started franchising in 1983. Today, 80% of the franchisees own and operate more than one unit.  


Miracle Ear is a producer of hearing aid devices. The use of the latest technologies allows the company to provide the hearing-impaired with a tool to increase their quality of life. Miracle Ear has the strongest presence in the country in an industry that is growing.

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