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By Nature


Initial fee: $5,000 (Single Franchise) - $26,000 (Master Franchise)
Royalty fee: 8%
Total investment: $35,000 - $61,000
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: Beauty: Natural Cosmetic Shop

By Nature, award winning Greek company founded in 2008, sells a wide range of cruelty free products, with a strong, progressive and proven franchise system and well positioned to capitalize on this growing market.


The Concept

Make profit by taking care of the environment!

“A low cost investment that ensures a very short amortization and high performance.”


By nature imports and sells exclusively natural cosmetics, wooden toys and handcrafted products through a dynamically developing franchise network.


In a world where the environment is in danger, through its business opportunity, By nature promotes sustainable development for a better and with quality future for our generation and those to come. The company’s philosophy is to contribute to the environmental improvement, raise awareness about environmental issues and promote a “how to live ecologically” way of living. By nature stores combine nature, tradition and modernity.

Environmental friendly and unique products.

Exceptional use of original natural ingredients such as beer, wine, Carlsbad thermal salt, herbs, Dead Sea minerals.

Original design for the cosmetics that make them attractive gifts to offer!

High quality in every product: dermatologically tested cosmetics, use of perfumes from leading world perfume companies, without using animal fats

Use of original, pure natural materials as basis of the cosmetics, such as vegetable oil (palm, coconut and olive oil)

All the products are enriched with dried parts and herbal extracts, thermal salt, peat, kaolin, corn extracts and vitamins.


Our franchisees are the focus of our work and their perspective will be our concern. The major benefit to you is our proven and successful working model to use as a template to create your own business using great products, successful operating methods, and marketing tools and strategies to grow your sales and customer base.

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