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Jimmy John’s is the latest victim to suffer a data breach

The high-profile data breaches happening in the last few weeks in America keeps on going. The name of the latest winner of a hacker’s visit is… Jimmy John’s!

Few days ago the company announced that customer’s credit and debit card data was at risk after log-in credentials from the system-vendor of Jimmy John’s were stolen by intruders. After stealing the credentials, the hacker used them to access point-of-sale systems at more than 200 stores.

The sandwich franchise reports that the breach has been contained and at the moment is safe to use credit and debit cards in all their stores.

The data breach affected both corporate and franchised locations. It lasted from June 16 to September 5. Jimmy John's has made a detailed list of which store units were affected at that time.

The name of the latest victim of data breach is Jimmy John's

The name of the latest victim of data breach is Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's said that necessary measures were already being
taken in order to prevent future security breaches. Some of the precaution measures included installing encrypted swipe machines, updating systems and reviewing policies and procedures for third party vendors. Jimmy John’s also offers affected customers identity protection services.

The famous chain joins an extensive list of many franchising companies hacked in 2014. Earlier this month, Home Depot also reported a breach in their system when more than55 million credit and debit cards were put at risk in a cyberattack on its payment terminals. Some of theother chains hit by hackers during the last year include Neiman Marcus, P.F. Chang's and Michaels.