• Franchising Advices Can I Lose Money?

    No business is 100 % failsafe! Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose.

  • Articles Could franchise ownership be the perfect fit for retirees?

    Retirement presents golden opportunities. Now is the time to do all those thing that you never really had the time or the guts to do but always wanted to. Why not take up a hobby? Why not make money out of it? Retirement gives you the freedom to follow your passion and turn it into a business.

  • Franchising Advices International Franchising – Business and Legal Issues

    Franchises are widespread in today’s society.  Consumers do business daily with a broad range  of  franchised  brands  -  buying  fast-food,  coffee,  gas  and  real  estate,  hiring  cleaning services, booking vacations and having their taxes prepared. However, the popularity of franchising as a way of doing business is a relatively recent phenomenon.

  • Business News McDonald's U.S. president Jeff Stratton retires

    McDonald's U.S. president Jeff Stratton will retire this October after a successful career at one of the most famous burger chains in the world. His place will be taken by former Logan’s Roadhouse Inc. CEO Mike Andres. The change comes on time as McDonald's suffers a 3.2 percent decline in same-store sales, which Andres' previously had experience with.

  • Articles Part 2: US Franchisors in Europe

    The following survey and its results tend to represent a brief cross-industry snapshot of the American franchisors in the CEE area. The global expansion strategy and the desire of strong European presence are among the main reasons to enter the CEE markets. Europe still remains the most preferred market for the American franchisors.

  • Franchising News Wingstop Restaurants to open first store in Philippines in 2014

    Wingstop plans to grow its business by opening 50 units across the Philippines. 

  • Articles Hot new trends in food and beverages in 2014 - PART 1

    New York-based food and restaurant consulting company Baum and Whiteman made a projection of the top 12 trends in food and beverages in 2012. Read on to see what the hottest and hippest trends in 2014 would be. 

  • Articles Expand Your Franchise to Australia

    The Australian franchise industry is very well regulated via the Franchising Code of Conduct.  The industry is well represented by the Franchise Council of Australia, ensuring that the sector is highly regarded. 

  • Articles P2: Internet Marketing Franchises

    Here is some additional information about a few of the most popular Internet franchises. We are providing you with an overview of the companies’ services and franchise conditions. We start with the number one IT and Internet franchise – WSI. 

  • Franchising Advices Find Out Which Franchise Is Best For You

    With an increasing number of statistics and personal examples claiming the decision to pick a franchise is the right way to step into entrepreneurship, the question before many people is which franchise exactly is the most appropriate for them.