• Franchising Advices Are There Different Kinds of Franchises?

    There are two main kinds - business format franchises and distribution of products and services franchises.

  • Franchising Advices Books on Franchising

    Here you can find a number of worth reading franchise books, each with a short resume, that can help you make a final decision on whether or not to start your own franchise.

  • Articles The beauty of franchise ownership

    The word 'franchise' comes from the old French word 'franc' which means free. Franchises are a great bargain for both franchisees and franchisors. Find the benefits of franchise ownership in this article. 

  • Articles Franchise Expo Paris 2015 - Press release

    Franchise Expo Paris is back in March 2015 with new fresh business ideas. The visitors will be able to meet with over 500 exhibitors, representing 90 sectors and get to know more than 110 new and innovative concepts. Numerous franchise experts will also be there to share their valuable knowledge with the audience.

  • Franchising News Annex Brands acquired Parcel Plus

    San Diego, CA-based Annex Brands, Inc. announced just few days ago the acquisition of 27 Parcel Plus® shipping franchises. With this acquisition Annex Brands now counts to over 450 franchising units in U.S., District of Columbia, and Canada. The company announced that the newly acquired units will not be re-branded.

  • Business News The Growth Coach in the "50 Top Franchises for Minorities"

    The Growth Coach - the leading international business and sales coaching franchise, has been named in the World Franchising Network's list “50 Top Franchises for Minorities”. The award comes short after the company was named in USA Today as one of the top franchises for Veterans.

  • Franchising Advices What Are the Disadvantages in Running a Franchise Business?

    When you become a franchisee you will have to sacrifice some of the freedoms you may be used to in the name of the advantages brought about by strict order.

  • Franchising Advices What Advantages Does Franchising Hold Over Independently Owned and Operated Business?

    When you are using a ready-made business model you minimize the risk of failure and benefit from various economies of scale.

  • Articles Franchise conflict: why you should expect it

    Conflict can hurt your business. There are situations that are followed by conflict more often than others and being aware of them might lead to reduced conflict. Read on to find more about the issue.   

  • Franchising Advices How to Develop a Franchise Network Abroad

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I’m very happy to be here today and grateful for the invitation of sharing you some aspects about how to develop a franchise network abroad. It is almost impossible to accomplish that in just few words but I'll do my best. Any franchiser willing to export his concept needs to act with extra care. He must analyze the market  he intends to export and needs to choose the right partners. Usually he conducts a study to determine some specific economic parameters. In order to decide if a foreign market is welcoming for his franchise , the franchiser needs to answer at some questions and solve some issues.