• Articles Gary Heavin and His Billion-Dollar Franchise Business - Curves

    Curves – the McDonald's of fitness

    Already, there is one Curves center for every two McDonald's in the United States.

  • Articles Tom Monagham, the Man Who Developed Domino’s Pizza into the World’s Largest Pizza Delivery Company

    "It's a big step. It's been a long journey, and it's very exciting."

    Tom Monagham

  • Business News The American Franchising in Bulgaria

    Franchising, as a marketing concept, is known and relatively well developed in Bulgaria. It is an excellent business model allowing the business to grow, but it requires skills and knowledge about the respective market, realistic business plan and many efforts so a given franchise ...

  • Articles What Should I Ask the Franchisor?

    If you want to draw the maximum benefit from your meeting with the franchisor, you must be well prepared. Here we have a sizeable selection of the questions you must answer before you buy a franchise.

  • Articles How Do I Choose a Franchise?

    Buying a franchise is a serious decision that will affect your life. Don’t rush it. You must conduct a careful study of The Market – the demand and frequency of use of your products/services. Are they seasonal? How will the market develop in the future? Is the profit margin good enough?

  • Business News Once You Have a Successful Business, It Is Time To Create A Franchise Chain

    Which is the most difficult part when someone decides to develop and start his own franchise?
    Understanding that franchising your business is not easy and it is not cheap. Realize that you will be in franchising for the long haul so prepare for it. Building your new business will take time and patience. You’ll need a proper plan, proper management, and proper funding. Above all else, you’ll need to offer leadership, motivation and support.

  • Business News Franchises’ Success in Confronting Negative Reputation

    Franchisors are slightly more detached from whatever negative occurrence happens with any of their franchisees. However, even when it is obvious upper level management has nothing to do with an accident, serious bad reputation harms the overall brand as well. On the other hand franchisees are more than motivated to take care of the problem, because being their own bosses, they can only gain from diminishing the impact an injurious event has on their business. Those two factors contribute to the promptness, with which franchise business face their problems.


  • Franchising Advices Ivo Crisostomo

    I was invited to talk about how to better sell your business and for much more money. These are the topics I want to approach in my presentation. There are a lot of them but I will try to be quick. I will make a quick presentation for you to know where ....

  • Business News Franchising in Turkey – The Exhibition Be My Dealer 2011

    Over 150 Turkish and international brands presented their businesses and found new partners during the four days of the exhibition in Istanbul. The thousands of investors from Turkey and abroad witnessed why the local brands beat even the world leaders in the fight for marke ....

  • Franchising News Subway Bulgaria Wins First Prize from Forbes

    The franchise chain Subway took two awards at Forbes Bulgaria Business Awards 2011 giving ceremony which took place in Sheraton Hotel on 8 Dec 2011. Subway Bulgaria received an award for “Best starting business” from Forbes Bulgaria ...