• Articles Internet Marketing Franchises

    Informational technology (IT) is a vastly flourishing industry in itself but it is the reason for the fast boom of other business sectors as well. Most businesses rely completely on IT for daily operations. Others do not only use computers for promotion and communication, they base their businesses on them, and on the Internet in particular.

  • Articles Social media: are you making full use of it

    Social media is a powerful tool. If you are not using it you might be loosing customers. Read on to find how your franchise business benefits from social media. 

  • Articles 9 key steps to buying a franchise

    If you already have figured out franchise ownership is right for you, this article might be helpful. Read to see what the first steps to owning a franchise are. 

  • Articles Restaurant Franchises

    The food industry has always been preferred by franchisees as one of the best industries to start business in. Here are some of the most famoust restaurant franchises in the world, who managed to develop a successful franchising network.

  • Articles Buying a Franchise

    What Are the Experience and Achievements of the Manager and the Key People? How Long Have They Served the Company and the Business? 

    History often repeats itself. What is important to you is whether the people behind the business are winners. Ideally they should have enough experience and not gain it at your expense and at the same time be hungry enough not to rest on their laurels.

  • Articles Franchising in the Middle East

    Middle East region has different requirements in term of strategic planning, development schedule & fee structure.

  • Articles Where to recruit employees for your franchise

    Recruiting employees can be tricky. However, if you know where to look the process is much easier. 

  • Articles Franchising in Kenya

    The franchising market in Kenya is steadily growing and evolving from single-unit owners to multi-unit operators employing professional staff of field and unit managers, while they focus on strategy and growth.

  • Franchising Advices Can I Get Customers from the Franchisor?

    You cannot! The only exception is if the franchisor has corporate customers in your town that you may eventually serve.

  • Franchising Advices What Kind of Capital Do I Need to Start a Franchise?

    The initial investment you may require will run to anywhere between four and seven figures, although sometimes all initial expenses are covered by the franchisor.