• Articles Franchising in Italy

    Clothing and footwear are always very requested by those who want to become franchisees. A booming field is that of gold purchase and the brandnew sector of electronic cigarettes. Following one's instinct and commercial trends anyone can have success, if supported by a franchisor who is careful with his affiliates.

  • Articles The Franchise Market in Lithuania

    In the period 2008-2012, the number of international brands in Lithuania increased from 40 to over 200. We predict that this trend will continue because of rising interest to Baltic markets from the major international brands.

  • Articles American Franchises in Europe

    The following report is part of a dissertation paper “A comparative study of US franchisors performing on Central and Eastern European markets: entry strategies, implementation issues and market adaptation”. The survey is questioning companies’ performance and experience.

  • Articles Argentinian Franchise Market

    There are certain international franchisors that came in the recent past years (like Starbucks) and some others that did not progress in the past but they are trying to enter again in the Argentine market (like Subway and Kentucky Fried Chicken).

  • Articles Franchising Trends in France

    France is considered a perspective opportunity for franchising by many entrepreneurs.

  • Articles Franchising Trends in Cameroon

    Franchising in Cameroon is a virgin terrain which is highly delved into by both local and foreign companies. Cameroon being the gateway into the sub region and member of OAPI has given the latitude to both local and foreign companies to secure their trademarks (service & products) as well as commercial names from any infringement by third parties.

  • Articles China Franchise Market

    By industry, franchise systems are mainly concentrated in retailing 44%, catering 30%, and service industries 26%. Service franchises witnessed the fastest growth according to the China Franchise Market Report.

  • Articles Franchising Trends in Belarus

    In Belarus there is a lack of franchises in spheres of public catering (coffee houses, pizza restaurants, fast food and street food restaurants), clubs, entertainments and clothes.

  • Articles Greek Franchise Opportunities

    The average startup investment for a franchise in Greece is €48,000.

  • Articles Insight into Romanian Franchise Market

    It is expected that in 2013 the franchising market in Romania will grow with around 10 %. The best franchises by growth and demand are in services and food branches.