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Snap Fitness Inc.


Initial fee: $15,000
Royalty fee: $449/mo.
Total investment: $68,618 - $376,700
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: 24-hour fitness center

Fast, convenient and affordable. These are the best words that describe Snap Fitness. It is fast to start your own business under the Snap Fitness brand name; it is convenient since the company provides you with the knowledge and expertise you need; and it is affordable, with a franchise fee of $15,000 and fixed monthly royalty fees as low as $449.


Snap Fitness helps entrepreneurs from the first day they decide to buy a franchise. Franchisees receive a four-day training prior to opening which includes comprehensive information about sales and operations, marketing, fitness technologies. The company makes a demographic research of the development area and helps in the selection of the site. It provides multi-media marketing assistance for the Grand Opening of the fitness center. Snap Fitness also has financing programs that help new entrepreneurs cover some of the start-up costs.


Whether they open their first or latest Snap Fitness center, franchisees are offered support constantly. They can access an online portal with lessons and tips on different business matters. Snap Fitness organizes quarterly road shows and fitness trainings, as well as a franchise convention once a year. 


Snap Fitness has 1,331 fitness centers worldwide, the majority of which are franchisees. The company started franchising in 2004, a few months after it was found. It has grown to one of the leading franchises in the fitness industry. Approximately 40% of all franchisees own more than one Snap Fitness center.


Joining Snap Fitness is fast, convenient and affordable. You, too, have the opportunity to start your own business within a-snap-of-the-fingers time.


Snap Fitness is one of the leading franchises in the 24/7 fitness industry. It has more than 1,300 centers in seven countries. The percentage of people who belong to gyms has doubled over the last two decades and 24/7 fitnesses are benefiting the most. The company seeks entrepreneurs to join it worldwide.

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