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Initial fee: $0 - $19,500
Royalty fee: 5-8%
Total investment: $4,730 - $44,695
Term of agreement:  20 years, renewable
Branch: Term of agreement not renewable

Proforma is a leading company in the printing industry. It provides businesses with promotional products, multimedia and custom printing services from digital and eco-friendly print to interactive presentations and 3-D animation.


The company was founded in 1978 with start-up investment of $200. Today, it has grown to a $312 million dollar business and is still expanding worldwide. It started franchising in 1985 and now all 709 offices are owned and operated by franchisees.


Proforma provides franchisees with the tools to outperform competitors and win customers. Professionals assist with sales and business development to increase owners’ profit and growth. A Vendor Relations Department works on building strong vendor relationships to ensure special offers and pricing. Franchisees receive ongoing sales trainings from online training videos available at any time, scheduled web conferences and regional meetings and conventions.


Filling forms and making reports may be challenging for small businesses, especially in the beginning when they need to concentrate on building a network of customers. Proforma provides full administrative support including services like ordering, accounting, invoicing, paying vendors and tracking orders.


Entrepreneurs use support technologies for more efficient business management. Specialized software assists with day-to-day operations to reduce costs and increase efficiency.  A Proforma e-mail system, free sharing platform and webinars connect franchise owners fast and easy.


New franchises need suitable promotional campaigns for a strong business start. Proforma has developed marketing programs that work well for the company. It has come up with the perfect branded collateral that includes printed materials, multimedia promotions, website and Search Engine marketing.


  Analysts assess franchisees’ needs and customize all programs to meet their goals. Proven business model, ongoing trainings and the strongest support in the printing industry are Proforma’s key for a strong start.  

Proforma provides printing services to middle-sized businesses and large corporations. It is a leading brand in the printing industry. With  35 years of experience, the company provides more than printing services. Franchisees benefit from innovative technology, marketing and operational strategies.

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