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Planet Fitness


Initial fee: $10,000
Royalty fee: 5%
Total investment: $672,600 - $1,658,000
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Fitness club

Planet Fitness is the most innovative health club brand in the USA. There is nothing ordinary about Planet Fitness. This is the center with the friendliest people and the most absurdly low-priced memberships. An average membership program costs $15 per month. Planet Fitness is so extraordinary that in February 2012 a single fitness center in Baton Rouge sold 1,124 memberships in a single day.


What else is different about Planet Fitness centers? They do not have any sales people. There are huge parking lots by every center and there is a common Judgment Free Zone philosophy followed by all customers. You can go and get in shape without your extra couple of pounds getting in your way.


Planet Fitness can afford the lowest membership prices since extras like juice bars and childcare are not on the menu there. Who needs sweetened beverages when theyr are working out, anyways? Planet Fitness is all about getting fit and fast and clean, without any hassle. However, it has tons of brand-name cardio and strength equipment.


Franchise owners can choose between single unit ownership and area development. To open a single club, candidates need to have a total net worth of $1.5 million and liquid assets of $500,000. If they want to develop an area, they have to commit to open at least five Planet Fitness centers. They have to have availavle liquid assets of $1.5 million and a total net worth o $3 million.


There are 600 Planet Fitness centers in the USA. The company was founded in 1992 and started franchising in 2003. Almost all centers are owned and operated by franchisees. Nearly 40% of all franchisees own more than one center. The company is seeking new franchise owners in the USA and Canada.


Planet Fitness has a unique approach to promoting fitness and health. It has a business model that works, low membership prices and many satisfied customers and franchise owners alike. There are 600 Planet Fitness centers in the USA. The company is seeking new franchisees in the USA and Canada.

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