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Midas International Corp.


Initial fee: $30,000
Royalty fee: 10%
Total investment: $84,880 - $390,970
Term of agreement:  20 years, renewable
Branch: Auto repair & maintenance services

Midas started franchising in 1956, the same year the company was found. Just a year later, the 100th store opened. There are 2,257 Midas stores in 17 countries that offer auto repair and maintenance services.  


Owning a Midas franchise allows you to keep your independence as a businessman yet advance from the support the company offers. Midas provides professional trainings, at-site experience, and assistance to self-guided entrepreneurs who are ready to join a company with long experience in quality auto service.


Entrepreneurs can start a new franchise, buy an existing one, or convert a business. In all cases, the company provides limitless opportunities for growth. This is a promising industry and 42% of Midas franchisees own more than one unit.


Midas provides comprehensive pre-opening support including site and equipment selection. The company does not provide financing, but assists in finding the right third-party finance plan for you. Franchisees also access assistance in hiring decisions, sales and operations, and in administrative work. Entrepreneurs make all business decisions by themselves; the company is there if they need it. They are provided with guidance materials like manuals, newsletters, online information and regional meetings they can attend, as well as a call center where they can call for immediate support.


A communicational system allows Midas franchisees to share ideas and to improve their performance. Midas has established an intranet portal and the International Midas Dealers Association for that purpose. 


The brand name is Midas’ primary asset. The company spends 50 million dollars each year for advertising in multi-media channels. The result is 97% brand awareness by North American consumers.


By becoming a franchisee, you benefit from the expertise of the company and the strong customer relationship. 

Midas provides auto repair and maintenance services. The company has nearly 60 years of experience in franchising and auto maintenance. It provides freedom to franchisees to make business decisions and expertise assistance whenever they need it. The company emphasizes on brand recognition and customer relationships.

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