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Merry Maids


Initial fee: $33,500 - $47,500
Royalty fee: 5-7%
Total investment: $55,350 - $78,450
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: Residential cleaning

Merry Maids is part of the ServiceMaster family. The company offers residential cleaning services in North America, the UK, Denmark, Hong Kong and Japan. It is one of the top companies in the house cleaning business. Busy schedules, less time with the family and changing lifestyles are driving the residential cleaning industry up. Time is precious and people increasingly prefer to pay for cleaning services than to do them themselves.


Merry Maids has been in the franchising business since 1980. It has more than 30 years of corporate experience. The company provides premium business support to franchisees. Expertise consultation is a phone-call or an e-mail away.


New franchisees pass an eight-day initial training where they learn everything they need to know about running a franchise including hiring, scheduling, training employees and cleaning. Additional information is available in the form of training manuals, videos, brochures and newsletters, as well as annual seminars and meetings. Franchisees also receive at-site experience prior to opening a franchise which adds up to a full theoretical and practical understanding of Merry Maids’ franchise system. They receive and are trained to use the Merry Maids Customer Information System, a specialized software for everyday operations.


Franchises are protected territorially so franchisees cooperate instead of compete with each other for sales and customers. The company goes one step further in promoting cooperation and allows advanced franchisees to guide and monitor new franchisees in the area where they operate. Knowledge is passed on to the newer members of the Merry Maids family.


     The company has offices in 1,663 locations worldwide. As a ServiceMaster company, Marry Maids owners benefit from strong brand recognition and national marketing campaigns. Learning to run a franchise is made as easy as possible. Nearly 60% of all Merry Maids franchisees own more than one unit. 


Merry Maids is a ServiceMaster company. It has the highest brand recognition in the residential cleaning industry. The company has more than 30 years of experience and offers solid franchise support and training. The company is seeking franchisees worldwide.

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