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Matco Tools Corporation


Initial fee: NO
Royalty fee: NO
Total investment: $82,776 - $221,819
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Mechanics' tools & service equipment

Matco Tools is a great business opportunity for independent entrepreneurs who want to start a solid business with a renowned brand. The company is part of the Danaher Corporation, a leader in the designing, manufacturing and retailing of products for industrial and private consumers. Matco manufactures and sells automotive tools and customer-configured storage boxes. The company has been in the business since 1946 but did not start to franchise until 1993.  There are 1,411 Matco Tools stores in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico and they are all franchises.

The start-up costs for a Matco Tools franchise are low for the industry. Matco is one of the fastest growing franchises and provides non-matching opportunities for entrepreneurs. The company charges neither franchise fees nor monthly royalty fees. Franchisees are distributors of tools and receive a fraction of each deal. They depend on repeat sales. Franchisees are not required to pay marketing and advertising fees. The company encourages entrepreneurs to start a business of their own and ensures they have the financial basis to do so. In-house financing is also available for start-up needs.


Matco grants freedom to franchisees to make independent business decisions. It gives them a successful business model and the necessary tools to implement it.  Specialized software makes sales, orders, inventory, financial reports and other everyday operations a lot easier. The company provides new franchisees with a list of potential customers that they can contact.  Franchises are protected territorially and no franchisees can operate in the same area.


Matco Tools devotes a significant part of the franchise support to marketing and promotion. Matco has a strong media presence.  Franchises receive personal Marco homepage and web site to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and communicate with them. The company is a sponsor for various motorsport championships.



Matco Tools is part of the Danaher Corporation. It manufactures and distributes automotive tools and tool storage boxes. The company makes 13,000 types of products and introduces new ones constantly. The company has presence in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Franchisees pay no initial fee or royalty fees.

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