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Liberty Tax Service


Initial fee: $40,000
Royalty fee: Varies
Total investment: $56,800 - $69,900
Term of agreement:  Perpetual, renewable
Branch: Individual & online tax prep

Liberty Tax is a tax preparation company that operates in North America. It has more than 3,900 locations in the US and Canada. It is the fastest growing tax preparation company. It is expanding and is seeking franchisees in North America, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.   


The tax preparation industry is fragmented and private business owners can get lost in the crowd. Liberty Tax has been in the industry since 1972. The founder of the company, John Hewitt, started in competitor companies like H&R Block where he grew to the position of regional director. He used his experience and knowledge to design a business model of his own that is the basis of the Liberty Tax system. 


Liberty Tax is a small business franchise. It consists of a number of individual small franchises that together create a strong brand that many people know and trust. In the tax preparation industry branding is essential. Liberty Tax pays significant attention to the use of innovative low-cost guerrilla marketing that, though simple, is very successful in raising brand awareness.


Liberty franchisees are well-trained professionals who successfully use Liberty’s cost-efficient business model. Becoming one of them does not require high start-up investment. This is a service-based industry and no inventory investment is needed. Liberty Tax provides the necessary trainings and guidance for maximizing profits and minimizing risk. The low operating costs result in high ROI.


For Liberty Tax communication is important. Franchisees are connected with each other to share ideas and receive advices from each other. Liberty headquarters is also on the speed dial list at any time.


Liberty Tax has nearly 4,000 offices in the USA and Canada. The company has been offering tax preparation services since 1972. It is expanding and is turning to areas like Australia and New Zealand where it currently has no presence.

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