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Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shops


Initial fee: $35,000
Royalty fee:


+ Advertising fee /4.5%/

Total investment: $305,500 - $487,500
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Food: Gourmet sandwiches

Jimmy John Liautaud is a living example where a good product and enough motivation can bring you. In 1983, the 19-year old started making sandwiches in his garage and tested them on friends and schoolmates. With limited initial investment and good ideas, he managed to grow his garage business into a huge franchise chain.


What is gourmet about Jimmy John’s sandwiches? It is the respect for the food and the obligation to customers. Since the beginning, Jimmy John’s aims to create a unique culture for its brand. The only preservatives in the sandwich stores are the irreverent attitude and the service with a smile. All the ingredients that are used are fresh and 100% real. “Only the best of the best” is what customers get. Jimmy John’s provides simple, fast, delicious and decent-priced fresh sandwiches. Everything is handled in-house. The bread is baked in-house; the meat and cheese are sliced daily; and the vegies are delivered straight from the distributor.   


Jimmy John’s makes business the same way it makes sandwiches. The ingredients are simplicity, honesty, integrity, and passion. Franchisees need to be motivated and hard-working with respect for food. They get experience and guidance how to operate the business by themselves while they can rely on support from Jimmy John’s main office.     


Jimmy John’s operates in the USA only. It has 1.451 stores located throughout the country. It is seeking entrepreneurs to become part of the gourmet industry. Half of the current franchisees operate more than one Jimmy John’s store.


The demand for fast food with high quality and nutrition is increasing. Jimmy John’s started as a garage business and grew to a franchise chain. The strategy to keep it simple and tasty and to emphasize on the ingredients has worked out well for Jimmy John’s. It can work out well for you, too.

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