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Initial fee: $500 - $2,000
Royalty fee: 20%
Total investment: $2,980 - $76,500
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: Dance fitness classes

Jazzercise is not dance workouts. Jazzercise is not a bunch of women stuck in a room doing group exercises in an attempt to lose weight. Jazzercise is a culture. It started as an attempt to make women forget to look in the mirror when working out and turned into a phenomenon of dance exercising. Jazzercise is a fusion of yoga, Pilates, kickboxing and Tae bo techniques combined to appeal to millions of people worldwide. Did we mention it contains jazz moves, too? 


Group fitness classes, hot new rhythms, dynamic movements and calorie burning are on top of the list of reasons why so many people are completely in love with jazzercising. Nearly 32,000 Jazzercise classes are held weekly in 32 countries. The company started franchising in 1982 and currently has 7,800 instructors.


Franchise instructors can choose between being owner instructors or substitute instructors. Owner instructors both teach and own. Only certified instructors can become franchisees after they take a quick three-day training program for certification. They can hire substitute instructions. Owner instructors are the equivalent of master franchisees.


Substitute instructors, on the other hand, cannot own classes. They are only allowed to teach. There are two types of substitute instructors-floating substitutes who can work for different class owners and are not hired permanently, and associate substitutes, who work on a regular basis for a specific owner.


Whatever choice you make, you can count on Jazzercise for support. The company provides new dance routines every ten weeks. Top brands collaborate with Jazzercise to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.   


Jazzercise is a dance exercise phenomenon. Millions of people worldwide are completely in love with the Jazzercise programs. They combine yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and Tae bo texhniques, accompanied with hot new rhythms. The company provides franchise opportunities to instructors who want to join Jazzercise.

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