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GNC (General Nutrition Centers Inc.)


Initial fee: $40,000
Royalty fee: 6% + Advertising /3% from gross sales/
Total investment: $185,500 - $274,350
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Vitamin & Nutrition Store

We are living in a fast-paced world where eating right and exercising regularly can reduce the level of stress. General Nutrition Centers, GNC, is the world’s largest retail of vitamins, specialty supplements, sports nutrition and herbal products. The company helps millions of people worldwide have a healthy start of the day by providing them with tools for health management.


GNC has been part of the industry since 1935 but did not start to franchise until 1988. Now, the company has nearly 5,800 stores in 60 countries, and has become the #1 franchise in the industry. The company helps entrepreneurs have a healthy start of their businesses by providing them with expertise and proven tools for business management.


The company helps entrepreneurs to quick-starts their businesses. It has a three-phase training program for new franchisees and provides site selection and design assistance. A specialist works with a franchisees during the opening week to lead them into the routine of day-to-day operations.  In some cases, franchises receive territorial protection. Franchisees can also make use of financing programs to cover part of the start-up costs. Veterans can save up to 50% of the franchise fee.


Once they open, franchisees can consult the Operations manual for day-to-day operations. They can consult GNC for inventory and technical issues. Franchisees receive regular newsletter and information on promotions, as well as corporate news. An intranet system allows them to exchange information and learn new tricks for field operations.  


The vitamins and supplements industry is expected to rise steadily through the next five years. With a brand awareness of 82% and more than 39% franchisees with more than one store, GNC proves to be a good choice for new entrepreneurs.



GNC is an internationally-known vitamins and supplements retailer. It provides a healthy start of the day for customers and a healthy start of their business carriers to franchisees. The company requires low start-up investment and provides all the necessary tools to operate a successful business.

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