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Edible Arrangements International LLC.


Initial fee: $30,000
Royalty fee: 5%
Total investment: $152,798 - $276,943
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Floral-like designs from sculpted fresh fruit

Edible Arrangements mixes every person’s most favorite edibles – chocolate and fruits. It started making delicious fruit-and-chocolate bouquets and baskets in 1999. There are 1,138 stores in 14 countries where people from all ages are tempted by the sweet creations. The company offers same-day delivery for special occasions and fruit surprises. The to-go line of goodies in all stores provides opportunities for increased customer traffic and sales. 


Edible Arrangements is serving more customers daily than ever; it is the ultimate fresh fruit phenomenon. The company provides multiple channels for ordering gourmet fruit-and-chocolate gift baskets including online, tall-free phones, and in-store orders.


The company started franchising in 2001 and has become the leader in fresh fruit franchising. A proven business model is designed to make operations as efficient as possible. Franchisees are trained and supported in every step of operating a fruity business. They go through orientation two-week training in Edible Arrangements headquarters followed by at-store training. Consultants and specialized teams provide pre-opening and ongoing support for sales and operations, production, customer service and delivery.


An online learning system with specialized software makes training employees easier and saves store owners time and money. The support that Edible Arrangements provides allows franchisees to run their businesses smoothly.   


On top of creating artful chocolate-covered fruit temptations, the company takes providing sweet support seriously. The company takes part in various fundraising and charitable programs. The Edible Cares program is Edible Arrangements’ way of contributing to the community’s wellbeing. 


Edible Arrangements delivers more than creative, tasty gift baskets; it delivers smiles. Customers and entrepreneurs love what the company does. More than 60% of franchisees own more than one store. Take this delicious opportunity to join Edible Arrangements and create fruit baskets yourself.    


Edible Arrangements makes delicious fruit-and-chocolate bouquets and baskets for gifts and sweet surprises. The company has turned into a fresh fruit phenomenon. There are 1,138 stores in 14 countries where people from all ages are tempted by the sweet creations.

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