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Dunkin’ Donuts


Initial fee: $40,000 - $80,000
Royalty fee: 5,9%
Total investment: $310,250 - $1,771,300
Term of agreement:  10/ 20 years, renewal of agreement's terms and conditions is specified upon completion of the initial term
Branch: Food: Baked goods and coffee

This spelling of the word donut was not popular until Dunkin’ Donuts appeared. When most people think of coffee or donuts, the Dunkin’ Donut brand comes to mind. Even in areas where it has no presence, the successful donut chain has a brand awareness rate of 94%.   


A dozen types of coffee drinks and 52 varieties of donuts draw more than three million customers every day in 10,479 locations worldwide. In 2012, Entrepreneur magazine pointed Dunkin’ Donuts as the #1 company in the coffee and baked goods category.


The company operates as a franchise since 1955. It has a very flexible policy for franchises. The terms of agreement are not fixed but are prepared for each franchisee individually. The initial franchise fees varies in different locations based on factors like brand presence in the area and market specifics. The training and support you receive may also differ from what others get. Make sure you are familiar with the franchise contract before you sign it; it is not renewable.


A team of specialist is working hard for you to bring you as much information and support as you need. All you need to do is ask for it. They can help you on any level of development of your business; they can give you information how to choose a building for your unit or how to manage the day-to-day operations more efficiently.


Dunkin’ Donuts offers fresh coffee and fresh business ideas. With more than 50-year experience in franchising, the company guarantees you will not be by yourself in building your business. It can connect you to associates who offer flexible financing options if you do not have the resources to start your business. If you are a war veteran, you can make use of the 20% discount on the initial fee.


Operating in 10, 479 locations in the US and 30 other countries, Dunkin’ Donuts serve more than 3 million customer every day. It is the biggest and most famous coffee and donut chain in the world. Join the family of Dunkin’ Donuts, the company which changed the spelling of the word donut.  


If you would like to read more about Dunkin' Donuts and its founder William Rosenberg click here.

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