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Cruise Planner/American Express Travel


Initial fee: $495 - $9,995
Royalty fee: 3%
Total investment: $1,595 - $19,490
Term of agreement:  3 years, renewable
Branch: Cruise & tour travel agency

Who does not love the smell of the ocean, the soft sound of the breeze, and the smiles of happy people with cocktails in their hands? As a cruise dealer, you can make a lot of money by giving people what they love. Studies show that over the next three years more than 34 million Americans plan to cruise. Cruise Planner gives you the opportunity to work for yourself and make money for yourself.


Cruise Planner is a leader cruise franchise in North America. All 1,172 Cruise Planner offices are franchises located in the US. The company is a representative of American Express Travel and offers quality cruise services at good pricing and special deals that only members of the AMEX family can offer.   


Franchisees can work from home either part-time or full time. They sell cruise deals and receive commission on each fare sold.


Cruise Planner ensures an easy start of the journey to becoming a franchisee. It ensures professionals to guide and help franchisees at any step of their journey. The first week of their cruise career is dedicated to getting to know in detail the cruise travel business.


The company has a special on-demand training program called Cruise Planners University /CPU/ program. It organizes seminars for entrepreneurs to teach them the latest innovations in the cruise ship business.   


Cruise Planners has created a complete franchise management system that includes comprehensive marketing and technological support. Franchisees are provided with specialized software to help their businesses. They benefit from a website with their domain name and smartphone apps that promote their businesses. An intranet site allows them to network with fellow franchisees and learn more ways to a cost-effective business and stay up-to-date with hot offers.


Cruise Planners is a leader cruise franchise in North America. Franchisees can work from home either full time or part-time and keep their jobs at the same time. They sell cruise deals and receive commission on each fare sold. The company provides franchisees with comprehensive trainings and tools to operate their business.

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