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Circle K International


Initial fee: $25,000
Royalty fee: 3.7-4.5%
Total investment: $172,500 - $1,407,250
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Convenience store

While competitive convenience stores cover well-established areas, Circle K explores somehow less-popular markets. It has 7,443 stores in the US and Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, UAE, and most recently Honduras. The company entered the international market in 1970 and began franchising in 1999.


Circle K is planning on expanding both nationally and internationally. The company is seeking master franchisees to develop 100 stores in countries outside of the USA, but offers individual sub-franchise opportunities as well. 


Franchisees benefit from Circle K’s international brand recognition and customer loyalty. The company has strong buying power and established vendor relationships which result in cost-saving agreements and increased profits for franchisees. Circle K also produces its own brands including Polar Pop, Crowns cigarettes, Premium Coffee and Froster which are recognized and preferred by so many.


Circle K provides great Grand Opening support. It helps with research of the market and the development of a concept for the new store. The company collaborates with other organizations and can assist in finding the right specialists to design and construct the store site. Circle K helps franchisees get the store staffed, supplied, running, and ready to open. 


Comprehensive trainings prepare franchisees to deal with sales and operations, marketing and everyday business matters. An initial two-day training at another store provides them with at-site experience. They can also enroll at Circle K’s S.M.A.R.T. Academy, a program which includes teachings on Business Management, Category Management, Accounting, Marketing, Promotions, Inventory Management, Responsible Retailing, Human Resources, etc.


There are additional trainings for new employees, both online and in-person.  


Circle K treats franchisees like part of the family and aims to make them feel they are in a circle of friends.


Circle K is a leader franchise in the convenience store industry. Franchisees benefit from Circle K’s brand name, its loyal customer base and a successful business model. The company has nearly 7,500 stores in the USA, Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, UAE, and most recently Honduras.

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