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Initial fee: $0 - $3,500
Royalty fee: NO
Total investment: $6,137 - $344,500
Term of agreement:  5 years, renewable
Branch: Food: Quick Service Chicken Restaurant

Chester’s is a quick-service franchise restaurant chain that offers the best tasting fried chicken in the business. Chester’s menu usually consists of chicken sandwiches, wraps, salad, side dishes and signature sauces. The company provides a few different franchise options that can help entrepreneurs reach their business potential.


Chester’s started in 1952 as a business concept for making donuts with patented fryers. Gradually, donuts were replaced by chicken. In 1956 was born Chester the Chick, a well-known chicken character equipped with cowboy shoes and hat, spurs, a holster and a gun. The concept of double – breading each chicken bite to make it crispy on the outside and tender inside grew popular quickly. However, the company did not start to franchise until 2004. 


Chester’s chicken products are offered in more than 2,000 locations on three continents. Chester’s provides branded foodservice as an addition to an existing business. Entrepreneurs can choose the franchise opportunity that fits their business.


The restaurant-in-store concept includes different franchise models depending on the location where the franchise is positioned including convenience stores and supermarkets. Chester’s Chicken On the Fly is a separate concept for express orders of chicken sandwiches, wraps, salads and classic side dishes. This franchise model offers pre-made meals and requires minimum investment and labor.


Adding Chester’s to your business does not require heavy investment. There is no royalty fee and the franchise fee is no more than $3,500. Chester’s calls for affordable investment in equipment and building facilities. Equipment packages vary depending on the franchise type but usually consist of a fryer or a speed oven, packaging station and a full-service warmer.


It only takes up to 120 days to open a Chester’s in your store. It is fast, easy and profitable. The average franchisee earns $517 per day. 


Chester’s is a large network of franchises that make the best fried chicken. Chester’s is a branded foodservice program that could be added to a convenience store or a supermarket. There are over 2,000 franchises worldwide. Chester’s provides a few different franchise models depending on the choice of location.

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