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Carl’s Jr. Restaurants


Initial fee: $35,000
Royalty fee: 4%
Total investment: $1,121,000 - $1,613,000
Term of agreement:  20 years, renewable
Branch: Food: Burger Restaurant

Meet Carl’s Jr., the sister company of Hardee’s. While Hardee’s operates in the Midwest and Eastern US, Carl’s Jr. has restaurants in the Western sides of the country. Carl’s Jr. has spread to 1,350 locations worldwide, with nearly 700 franchises in the USA alone. It is a restaurant chain with juicy burgers and biscuits, French fries and huge milkshakes on the menu. The mouth-watering premium six-dollar Memphis BBQ burger is Carl’s Jr.’s bestseller.   


Carl’s Jr. works together with Green Burrito to open 290 dual-branded restaurants where Mexican favorites are served together with the signature Carl’s Jr. burgers.   


Just like Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. has increasing presence in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. The company is looking for advanced entrepreneurs who are ready to make a commitment for a minimum of three franchise restaurants. Carl’s Jr. encourages multi-unit ownership and decreases the franchise fee with each new store. Franchise candidates need to have net worth of one million dollars to meet the financial requirements.


Franchisees start with a 12-week comprehensive training. Prior to opening, they are assisted with ordering equipment, choosing and designing a restaurant site, constructing. Franchisees can choose between different site designs – the smallest, mid-size and the largest Carl’s Jr. restaurant building option. All three construction plans are designed for cost-effective operations and optimal results. The company does not provide financing but assists with finding third-party financing options. 


Once their restaurants are running, franchisees receive periodic information about corporate operations and innovations. Expertise consultation is only a phone call or an email away. The company is responsible for providing national and local support for research and development, and marketing and advertising campaigns.


Carl’s Jr, is a sister company of Hardee’s. It is a fast-food restaurant chain with signature six-dollar burgers served in over 1,300 locations in Western states, Asia and the Middle East. Carl’s Jr. has more than 65 years in the food industry. The company is seeking experienced entrepreneurs for multi-unit store ownership.

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