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Baskin-Robbins USA Co.


Initial fee: $25,000
Royalty fee: 5.9%
Total investment: $118,700 - $374,400
Term of agreement:  20 years, renewable
Branch: Food: Ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen beverages

More than 65 years ago Baskin-Robbins started with 31 ice cream flavors – one for each day of the month. Today, there are at least 1,000 different flavors and introducing new ones. There are so many flavors with various names that when the Beatles got their break and were planning their first US tour, a reporter from the Washington Post called Baskin-Robbins and asked what new flavor they had to honor the band. Although they has not had anything in mind, they answered there was “Beatle Nut" flavor to honor the Beatles. It was created, manufactures and delivered in just five days.


Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialties. Nearly 7,000 stores in 50 countries serve 300 million customers each year. Baskin-Robbins is America’s favourite ice cream shop where families gather for a nice evening together. Classics like chocolate and strawberry flavors are supplemented by local faves like Rum Raisin and Green Tea.


Baskin-Robbins is seeking new franchise owners who are completely in love with ice cream and want to dedicate themselves to making people happy. The company is emphasizing on a major expansion in China.


Franchisees can choose between single-unit or multi-unit ownership. They can buy an existing shop or open a new one. Candidates should be able to meet the financial requirements of the company. they should have a net worth of $250,000 and $125,000 liquid assets. This is half as much as competitors like Dunkin Donuts require.


Franchisees advance from a well-established franchise support system. They receive trainings and support on every step of their ice cream journey. Professionals are available for consultations on marketing, sales and operation, site selection and ice cream creation.


Baskin-Robbins is the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialties. It has offered high-quality delicious treats and fun atmosphere since 1945. There are nearly 7,000 stores worldwide. The company is responsible for the Guinness World Record for the largest cup of ice cream weighed 8,865 pounds.  

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