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Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels


Initial fee: $30,000
Royalty fee: 7%
Total investment: $201,375 - $374,600
Term of agreement:  20 years, renewable
Branch: Food: Hand-rolled Soft Pretzels

Once upon a time, a delicious mistake happened in Auntie Anne’s kitchen. An order got messed up and the pretzel maker received ingredients different from those she had ordered. Encouraged by her husband, Auntie Anne tried implementing the ingredients in new pretzel recipes. And that is how the Auntie Anne’s famous heaven-like pretzels were born.   


Today, Auntie Anne’s hand-rolled soft pretzels could be found anywhere. The signature tastes of cinnamon sugar, almond, garlic, pepperoni, sour cream and onion, and jalapeno pretzels, to name a few, could be found in 1,300 locations worldwide. Auntie Anne has been spoiling dinners since 1988 and started sharing her recipe for success with other entrepreneurs a year later.


Auntie Anne offers her pretzels in three types of stores - in-line stores, kiosks and satellite retail unit stores. Franchisees can pick which type is the best fit for them. For opening an additional store, Auntie Anne gives 10-percent discounts on the franchise fee. Half of all franchisees own more than one store or kiosk.


Auntie Anne knows the ingredients for a good business. Good training and professional support are what makes good franchisees successful. Franchisees spend three days on pre-opening training followed by two days trainings in a store setting. Additional five-day training covers everything they need to learn about operating a franchise, from managing to marketing.     


Corporate teams provide support for store operations, marketing, accounting, purchasing and distribution, employee training, etc.


Financial support is available through third-party providers since Auntie Anne is registered with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Franchise Registry. The company assists war veterans; veterans are offered reduced franchise fee of $20,000.


Spread your love for pretzels and make money with Auntie Anne’s business recipe for amazing soft pretzels.


The recipes for Auntie Anne’s hand-rolled soft pretzels are used since 1989. There are pretzel stores and kiosks in 1,300 locations worldwide. Auntie Anne provides the recipes for the heavenly dough twists and for good business to franchisees who are willing to spread their love to pretzels.

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