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Anago Cleaning Systems


Initial fee: $4,590 - $32,348
Royalty fee: 10%
Total investment: $8,543 - $65,406
Term of agreement:  10 years, renewable
Branch: Commercial cleaning

Anago Cleaning Systems is one of the top commercial cleaning companies in the USA. It was found in 1989 and just two years later started franchising. The company has offices in 2,434 locations worldwide. Just recently, Anago opened its first international franchises. The company offers both master franchises and single-unit, or janitorial franchises.


Master franchisees act as regional franchise owners. They find, sell, train and support janitorial franchisees. The concept of master franchises is that they are in the franchising business rather than in the cleaning business. Master franchisees receive exclusive territorial rights for a certain area. The primary responsibilities they have are to find potential clients and franchise owners and provide training and support to unit franchisees.


Since master franchises differ from janitorial franchises, the training they get differs as well. They receive initial orientation training on sales and operations and live training at their new office. Ongoing support includes updates on the latest techniques and products, visits from Anago executives, annual meetings and networking with the head office and fellow master franchisees. Master franchisees can qualify for in-house financing to cover the franchise fee and equipment expenses.


Janitorial franchisees are supported by their regional master franchise. All of the administrative work is done by the regional office including finding clients, preparing contracts, accounting. Janitorial franchisees focus on providing high-quality cleaning services. They rely on master franchises for support and information. The commercial cleaning industry provides endless opportunities for development. Anago allows franchisees to start part-time and grow as big as they want, as fast as they want.


Anago gives you all the tools to start and grow in the commercial cleaning business. Whether you choose to run a single unit or a master franchise, you have Anago to support you every step of the way.   


Anago is a commercial cleaning company. It has more than 2,400 offices in the USA. Recently, the company started and international expanding campaign. Anago is offering master and single-unit franchises. Extensive training and ongoing support are part of the franchise philosophy of the company.

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