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7-Eleven Inc.


Initial fee: $10,000 - $1,000,000
Royalty fee:  Varies
Total investment:  $30,800 - $1,500,000
Term of agreement:   10 years, renewable
Branch:  Convenience store

7-Eleven is the leader in the convenience store industry. It started in 1927 /when a gallon of milk cost 56 cents/ as an ice company which started offering milk and eggs. It grew fast but did not start to franchise until 1964. Today, under the 7-Eleven brand name operate over 7,500 US and nearly 45,000 international franchises. Of course, milk is still found in all 7-Eleven stores. They sell 41 million gallons of milk each year - enough for lots of milk mustaches! 


7-Eleven is the best choice for new entrepreneurs. Franchise owners get fully operating stores and do not need to worry about anything. The company offers great financial and informational support to franchisees. It provides in-house marketing support including merchandising, product distribution and advertising assistance. 7-Eleven would do anything for capable candidates. If you do not have the resources to start a franchise, the company offers internal finances for the initial fee. You can buy a single store, multiple units or convert an existing business to the 7-Eleven brand.


War veterans can make use of the Veteran Franchise Program that the company has. They can save 10% off the initial franchise fee.


Unlike other franchises, 7-Eleven does not have a fixed royalty fee. It does not require royalty on top line sales; its royalty is on gross profit.


Attend one of the seminars that 7-Eleven holds in your area. If you are still not convinced this is the franchise for you, the experience of existing franchisees will help you make up your mind.


7-Eleven is the leader in the convenience store industry. It has 47,300 locations, of which 7,500 US and 40,000 international franchises. The company is leader in franchisee support. It offers great financial and informational assistance. The 7-Eleven royalty fee is estimated on gross profit.

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